GCH has a wide range of more than 300 settings for different standard products that will provide solutions for any type of industry application: hoisting, thrust, traction, restraint, etc. With a large choice of cylinder types, tonnages and strokes.

We select materials carefully and we coat and protect surfaces against rust and wear, which make our products an ideal choice for harsh environments. At GCH, we do not simply offer a warranty for our processing, design, manufacturing, assembly, delivery and after-sales services, but we also take charge of providing a safe work environment by supplying the necessary resources to the activities defined in the Health & Safety Management Systems for work environments, according to OHSAS 18001:2007 and in the Quality Management Systems, according to UNEEN ISO 9001:201.
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At GCH we are professionals in manufacturing and supplying hydraulic pumps and cylinders, and we have the goal of providing our clients with the highest level of quality and efficiency in every single item we make.

This commitment is certified by the UNE-EN ISO: 9001:2015 standard, granted to us by Lloyd´s Register Quality Assurance. We are determined to stay at the forefront of cuttingedge technology, thanks to a program of constant innovation carried out by our technical team. This allows us to deliver an unmatched level of product assurance. What mainly accounts for our success as a company is our ability to implement 2 ideas and system solutions quickly and safely. We provide professional consultancy and engineering design services, as well as complex systems so as to offer low-cost solutions to specialized tasks. Our goal-oriented, experienced team focuses on delivering a maximum level of quality. Our expertise in complex systems and a profound awareness of our clients needs and of the industry requirements guarantee a consistent development of our products and standards. At GCH, we focus on the industry 4.0 in order to leverage emergent technology and capabilities and use them on our products and processes. The main reason behind this approach is to play a part in the development of new products, the integration of new materials and the improvement of manufacturing processes on specialized fields. At GCH we are committed to giving our clients a trustworthy service that has been carefully monitored and maintained throughout all the design and manufacturing process, and that it is tailored to their particular needs.
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