Features and advantages

  • Cylinders 40 % lighter than corresponding steel cylinders. They are specially suitable for applications in which lightness and ease of handling are essential.
  • Manufactured in aircraft-grade aluminium to optimize resistance and reduce weight.
  • The design of the rails provides a level of resistance to side loads of up to 10 % of the rated load, which increases service life.
  • Critical elements are lined with a hard anodizing coat that supplies high resistance to wear and rust.
  • Most cylinders feature a transport handle.
  • They also have a base plate and a steel top saddle as a protection against abrasive surfaces and load-caused damage.

Aluminium vs Steel

Aluminium cylinders are a lighter substitute for steel cylinders and they are easier to handle. They also have some disadvantages due to material properties, since aluminium has a lower finite fatigue life. That means that aluminium cylinders should not be used in applications with a high number of cycles.
GCHydraulic aluminium cylinders are designed to withstand up to 5000 cycles at maximum operating pressure, which makes them a very good choice for simple hoisting applications with a number of cycles below this figure
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