• Designed to be used in any position.
  • The brass bearing absorbs the off-centred load and reduces the cylinder wear.
  • All parts in the cylinder are built with high-resistance steel alloy materials.
  • Nitrated piston and lead-in top to prevent rust and increase wear resistance.
  • Equipped with a scraper in the piston to reduce the infiltration of dirt and to extend the cylinder service life.
  • Furnished with a removable and grooved Optional tilt saddles.
  • Threaded plunger and collar plus mounting holes on the base of all cylinders so as to fit in a wide range of accessories.
  • Thread protector.
  • High-flow female quick plug coupling with dust cover as standard in all models.
  • Heavy cylinders include handles or eyebolts for transport.
  • Longer strokes on demand.

Reliability and Innovation

At GCH we are committed to addressing our customers’ needs while adhering to high quality standards and to the development and maintenance of a range of cutting-edge products based on constant innovation and a focus on the emergent requirements of the industry.
To that end, we have a technical team fully capable of taking on any projects related to the use of cylinders and special systems, adapting the latest technology to the manufacturing and monitoring of our products.
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