Threaded hollow saddles and grooved solid saddles available.



  • Light, hollow-piston cylinders designed for traction and thrust jobs.
  • Double-acting for quick retraction.
  • Up to 40 % lighter than corresponding steel cylinders.
  • All aluminium parts have been treated so as to increase resistance, lengthen service life and prevent rust.
  • Built-in safety valve to prevent overpressures.
  • Composite metal bearings to withstand side loads and increase the service life of the cylinder.
  • Equipped with a scraper in the piston to reduce the infiltration of dirt and to extend the cylinder service life.
  • The top head prevents the piston extraction and withstands all the power of the cylinder.
  • Handles included in most models.
  • Base plate and steel saddle for protection against load-caused damage.
  • Interchangeable steel saddles — flat, threaded or solid.
  • High-flow female quick plug coupling with dust cover as standard in all models.
  • Not recommended for applications with a large number of cycles.
  • Longer strokes on demand.
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